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Feast of the Black Nazarene 2012

January 9, 2012
Manila, Philippines

Every January 9, a life-sized statue of Christ is carried into the streets for procession in a shoulder-bourne carriage known to devotees as the andas. It starts at 8am from the Quirino Grandstand (Luneta) to its present shrine in Quiapo church. At least 3 million barefooted devotees yelling "Viva SeƱor" risked life and limb just to wipe the wooden statue with their white towels or touch the Nazarene's hand.

This year was the longest Feast of Black Nazarene. After 22 hours, the Nazarene was brought back to Quiapo Church even with a broken wheels. This shows how deep the devotees faith on the Black Nazarene.

There was a short but interesting feature on the origin of the Black Nazarene. The statue was made by a carpenter in Acapulco, Mexico in 1607. It was called Padre Nuestro Nazareno. It was being brought to the Philippines on a galleon. During the long journey, fire broke out. Miraculously, the Nazarene was not damaged but its skin had turned black. It was brought to the Quiapo church from the Luneta (Rizal Park) on January 9 (no year was mentioned). Many have reported getting cured after touching the statue.

The Desciple
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I also share some photos of interesting people during the feast.

Here is one, to capture good photos, you should be willing to take risk.

Media covers the whole event.

There were a lot of police that was deployed to insure the safety of the feast. It was also because of the terrorist threat that was confirmed by the Philippine Government.

The Buko Pie Vendor whom I bought 3 buko pies that I ate while waiting.

"K-Pop" devotee.

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, is also one of the devotees.

A happy moment when a couple kiss in front of a crowd cheering.

"Sacrifice" devotees barefooted in imitation of Jesus on his way to Mount Calvary

"Imahe ng Panata". An Image of Christ was tattooed at the back of a devotee expressing his faith on him.

This was Exactly 7pm when the Black Nazarene reached our location.

Crowd started to light up their candles.

The crowd started yelling "Viva" or "Viva Senor" while they're getting close to the Black Nazarene.

The Devotees push the Andas from behind.

Devotees dangerously struggled to go near the image of Jesus Christ so they can touch or kiss it.

A reporter in GMA named Ms. Jessica Soho shared these inspiring words: "Pagano man o fanatico ang tingin ng ilan sa pananampalatayang nakita nating muli sa pista ng itim na Nazareno, hindi maipagkakaila na ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit hindi nawawalan ng pagasa ang maraming Pilipino. (Some may consider the devotion we witnessed today during the Feast of the Back Nazarene as smacking of Paganism or fanaticism but it cannot be denied that this is also the reason why many Filipinos have not lost hope.") (source: GMA News)

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